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Who to contact when a garden needs a transformation

When someone wants their garden transformed, there are numerous options that are available. When researching the possibilities it is easy to get lost in the a variety of titles – Gardener, Landscape Gardener, Garden Designer, Landscaper– but what do these mean and when would you use them.

Generally, there are three stages to having a garden transformed:

  • The Design
  • The Build (Hard and Soft Landscape – Patios, Paving, Walls etc. and Planting)
  • The Maintenance

So where do each of the titles fit into the above?

Let’s start with a Gardener….

A Gardener is a person with an interest in growing and horticulture who takes care of a garden to keep it at its best. This can include the lawn, the plants, and even the hard landscape structures (cleaning/sanding, staining, remortoring etc.). Generally a Gardener is used after the garden has been transformed to keep the garden and plants maintained and healthy. Depending on the size and complexity of a garden, as well as a client’s spare time, the maintenance can be completed by the client. It is worth specifying when discussing the design of your garden, whether you will be maintaining it yourself (and how much time you have to do that in a week) or whether you will be employing a gardener, so the garden and planting can be designed appropriately.

Landscape Gardener/Contractors:

Generally, a person with the title Landscape Gardener, Landscaper or Contractor will be the person (or company) building your garden. Although there are some that offer additional services in terms of the design and maintenance, the majority of their time and, in some cases profits, are made from the actual build.

Garden Designer:

At the start of the process are Garden Designers. These people/firms purely specialise in translating a client’s thoughts, wants, dreams and requirements and transforming them into a plan on paper that can be built to become a reality.

Rather unhelpfully, there are a variety of people that refer to themselves as Garden Designers. This can range from the person who has enjoyed designing their own garden and wants to make it their new career up to qualified, experienced professionals.

Before committing to a designer, it is worth asking about qualifications they hold, their experience and to see a portfolio of their work.

So where does Garden Envy fall within the garden transformation process?

Garden Envy fit at the beginning of the process when you are thinking of having you garden transformed. We work with our clients to ensure that all possible existing, and future, needs for outdoor space are designed to be both practical and dynamic.

We offer a variety of packages to provide you with a plan to build yourselves, to tendering, to commissioning the most appropriate and experienced firm to make your dream garden a reality.

We can also be commissioned to work with architects when houses or developments are being built, to ensure there is continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

What makes Garden Envy different?

All Garden Envy’s designs are completed by an experienced designer qualified to a Post Graduate level in Residential Landscape Architecture from the Oxford College of Garden Design, which is widely regarded as one of the top contemporary garden design schools in the world.

Garden Envy takes pride in being client focused and having our clients as our top priority. We only charge for our time and any trade discounts that be secured are passed directly to our clients.