Cookham, 3 School Lane Cottages - Sketch Up - for website

Contemporary Cottage Garden

A west facing garden with a beautiful mature wisteria outside the back door that the clients wanted retained and incorporated into the new design. The wooden support for this provides additional privacy for the garden, creates intimacy to the sunny evening eating area whilst echoing the strong shape of the corner summerhouse. Outside the back kitchen doors is an area for potted plants and to house the frequently used barbeque.

The seating area at the end of the garden is for the first relaxing coffee of the day in the early morning sun. Both seating areas are linked with a unique lawn shape, which give the illusion of ‘flowing’ from inside the house.

The planting within the garden is of a Cottage theme with the colours, textures and height designed to maximise the feel of the garden and disguise the wooden boundary fencing.