Redwald Lodge, Harwell - Sketch up - For Website

Roof Terrace

This project involved two distinct styles, which have been designed to flow into each other by a raised side garden.

To the front is a north facing cottage style garden to match the style of the house. Some lawn needed to be retained although the shape changed, and an additional area for parking of a transit style van out the front of the house has been created.

New steps link the front garden to the raised side garden and providing access to the storage shed and roof terrace at the back of the house.

Around the back of the house is a south-facing modern, architectural roof terrace that is distinctly different from the feel of the front garden. A soft, green shield is created through a bespoke planting structure that provides screening from neighbouring houses and for the carport. The shielding was designed to make the microclimate on the roof terrace more pleasant, to lengthen the period use during the day and, when necessary, the posts of the structure take a Sun Sail.

Planting was needed to soften the driveway at the rear of the property, which was achieved through the creation of raised beds to match the bold character at the back of the property.

The different feels of the areas are achieved through shape, planting and colour. Lighting, sculpture and furniture were included in the design.